Vocabulary for fashion and style

By | 16th April 2017

A fashionista = someone who is very dedicated to fashion and loves to wear the most fashionable clothes
A fashion victim = someone who loves fashion so much that they sometimes wear clothes that are extreme and not very practical
Follow the latest fashions = be interested in what is fashionable at the moment

At school my friend Dee was a dedicated follower of fashion. She didn’t have much money, but she studied all the glossy fashion magazines and then found or made clothes in the styles she liked. She was very inventive. When wide-legged trousers were fashionable, she adapted a long skirt of her mother’s; when big hats were all the rage, she sewed together two hats she found in a second-hand clothes shop to make one huge one. She was good at talking shop assistants in smart shops into giving her free samples of make-up, so that she could try the latest styles in cosmetics and hair products too. She was the first person I knew to colour her hair pink. It was a vey unusual thing to do back then.
Years later I wondered what Dee had done when she left school. I looked her up and found to my amazement that she went to fashion school in London and became a shoe designer, so her early interest in fashion turned into her career.

to talk someone into something = to persuade someone to do something

I’ll try to talk my father into allowing me to stay out late on Saturday night.

free samples = the small samples of make-up and perfume that a given away free in shops

second-hand = something that has been owner by someone else before

I always buy second-hand cars, they are much cheaper than new ones.

all the rage = very fashionable – everyone wants it

on the catwalk = worn by models in the fashion shows

Big earrings are all the rage this season, they were everywhere on the catwalks in the big fashion shows.

the height of fashion = the most fashionable style of the time

cutting edge design = the most modern and most advanced design (could be in clothes or in engineering or architecture or any area of design where there are fashions and changes)

a must-have = an object that everyone wants (i.e. everyone feels they must have)

Pointed-toe shoes with ankle straps are the must-have style for Spring/Summer 17.


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